Caruthersville School

Solar Array Package for Caruthersville School District including:

100kW PV System at the Elementary School :906 Henrietta Ave,

85kW PV Sytem at the Field House :1700 Ward Av

100kW PV System at the South Side School : 1611 Ward Ave.

Project Details:

  • Power one 54×500 broiler house with all electric power from SAS micro-grid-on Pow Co
  • Using: 120KW of solar PV panels, 175 KWH of usable battery storage, 40 KW generator
  • Converting “wasted” PV power to usable for heat / cooling using 8 tons of heat pump capacity
  • Estimate replacing 25-35% gas usage for heat = dry heat, lower humidity, better litter conditions
  • Estimate lowering cool pad usage = less water use, lower humidity, better bird cooling
  • Projected overall production cost savings of $2000 – $3000 per year, per house
  • Control Shed houses batteries, inverters, all switches, metering, A/C conference area and outside covered area for diesel generator and 250 gal fuel tank
  • Separate enterance into the SAS system area for bio-security
  • House#2 will be powered by SAS system completely, House#1 will remain as-is for camparison
  • Al power usage / fuel usage / water usage for both houses will be monitored

Additional Benefits:

  • Long term power cost and power quality stabilization
  • Decreased castastrophic risk for grower / integrator = multiple power sources
  • Positive Envioronmental Impacts – 1.5 / wk Broiler Complex = 12.250 TON of GHG caputured
  • Potentially lower wind speed requirements for cooling
  • Potentially decrease cool pad requirements


June 30th, 2019


Entegrity Energy Partners LLC

Project Type

School District


Southern Solar Systems